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Pictures, as requested…

This is just the velvet layer of the corset sewn together and pinned to the too small for it form. I’m working on the “work” layer now. So many boning cases to make… Back drape which I need to steam to get the wrinkles out of, kinda like the texture from them. Hem finish I… Read more »

Velvet Corset pondering

Just thinking out loud on how to put things together. I want no outer stitching showing on the velvet, so all of the boning will go on the inner twill layer. The velvet layer is then basted to the twill layer and the pieces treated as one. The question is to flat fell or not to flat fell.  This… Read more »

More progress list

Petticoat   hem waistband made Need to lightly overdye the sheer skirt layers to get it to blend a bit more; Then pleat down the skirt and attach it to the petticoat and attach the waistband.   Done!   Corset Corset mock up, adjusted Need to press seams and put in some temp bones and… Read more »

Semi busy day

Petticoat is together yay, that was a huge pain, as I decided to put a zipper in it and have the zipper between the outer layer and inner yoke and between the lining, all with the tulle getting partly in the way.  It just needs a waistband and the hem evened and then the hem,… Read more »