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Yay the storm has turned, no rain here oddly enough as the radar says we should have rain but ah well.  Headaches from the constant change in pressure as not so fun, and impend my ability to do basic math. Such as how wide and how many layers should I make a pleat when trying… Read more »

Material test

   Multicolored flora wrap fused to some scrap leather, the top one is just one layer that was wrinkled, flattened and then fused, the second square is two layers of it

More Maleficent/Nerissa pondering

    Corset: Right now I am thinking pleather, if it can be found, or a cotton velvet. I like the look of external boning cases and have read the entry in corsetmakers about them.   The outer fashion fabric casings I’ve seen are cut on the bias, however one thing that isn’t clear is if the… Read more »