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P. Clement Brown’s Art in Dress Illustrations

How cool is this? 1920’s patterns/draft manual with gorgeous illustrations (unfortunately some are products of their time) from P. Clement Brown’s “Art in Dress 1922”. Time to break out the colored pencils!   Some are at: And the Internet Archive has the full book:

Back to sewing in the 16th century!

Lucas DeHeere sketchbook #71 English women

I did sewing today finally! English Fitted Gown I took on to keep a friend from lighting it on fire, went on its way to the post office today along with a gift that I quickly hand sewed an hour before. I drafted, cut and sewed a pair of trunkhose. I then unpicked them because I… Read more »

The Queen’s Servants Pointed Hood, or my Induction into a Secret Gnome Society.

Englishwoman by Hans Holbein the Younger

Since getting The Queen’s Servant’s I’ve been coveting the pointed hood with a sort of fiendish glee, it also might be an under layer to the strange headdress in Holbein the Younger’s drawing. A month ago I scaled up the pattern and made a mock-up. It was huge, it devoured my head. I have a normal… Read more »

I am waiting with bated breath

A few days ago I was catching up on the posts over at Fashion-incubator and saw that the site owner, Kathleen Fasanella had given a nice review of the book “Patternmaking in Fashion step by step”. (And because of the title I have had the New Kids on the Block song stuck in my head…. Read more »