A 1920’s Flapper Halloween and more


I’m not post much as I’m getting married Nov. 1st! All the wedding stress and appointments and planning means not much sewing time.

I did manage to get this patterned and partly sewn up the past few weeks.

It still needs a slip, binding, and hem but at least it is no longer looking sad on my dressform.


Red and black sequined 1920's inspired dressDeep V back red and black sequined 1920's inspired dress

Back to sewing in the 16th century!


I did sewing today finally! English Fitted Gown I took on to keep a friend from lighting it on fire, went on its way to the post office today along with a gift that I quickly hand sewed an hour before. 

I drafted, cut and sewed a pair of trunkhose. I then unpicked them because I once again tried to bag line them and ended up with an endless case of pants. Got that sorted by unpicking the crotch seam and pulling it out the leg hole and sewing it back together and then tacking the crotch seams together. 

Tomorrow is making the pants poof, tacking a few more things in place, waistband, and possible codpiece. No eyelets until I get a final fit on a doublet and that will not happen until Sept. Also need to mock-up the doublet in the extra twill fabric I have with me. Hopefully I have enough.

Started to pack up for the move! My fabric is all in boxes and safe from the cat for now.

Tonight I need to cut out my half sleeve, that I made too small last time and then my long neglected screaming red kirtle will be done.

Fitting Points on the Tudor Tailor’s English Fitted Gown


I’ve made three English Fitted Gowns based on the Tudor Tailor’s pattern so far, and with each one I’ve tweaked how I’ve put them together.

olive wool fitted english gown

Light weight worsted wool gown lined with linen rayon blend

English Gown Front View

Black Velvet “Mockado” Gown lined with cotton broadcloth

Market Woman side shot

Wool broadcloth blend lined with cotton broadcloth

Issue one: Sleeve Dimples

Fitted gown sleeve dimple