Juan de Alcega Tailor’s Pattern Book: Manteo or a Skirt of Cloth Part 2 – Construction


After way too long here is part two of the manteo or petticoat (part 1 written in 2014 can be found here), to recap here is the layout suggestion I ended up using from Alecga.

Manteo de pano para muger

Since my fabric is 60 inches wide I did not need to piece the “B” section and was able to cut it as one curved shape.

Manteo de pano para muger_puttogether


manteo cut out









I changed the measurements to fit my own size.


How to Make a Velcro Corset Busk for Fittings and Mock-ups


Trying to fit a corset mock-up on your own body, by yourself, calls for patience and flexibility. I wanted something I could sew on quickly so I could check the general fit of a corset, without having to worry about busk length, zippers, or safety pins.

The Velcro Corset Busk



  • 2 lengths of flat steel boning
  • 2 sturdy strips of fabric, wide enough to fold in half. this will make your boning channels.
  • Velcro, either the sew on kind or the industrial strength adhesive kind
  • Sewing machine, pencil, scissors