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Hand Sewn Petticoat Bodies/Bodice Work in Progress

I forgot to post these, I’ve slowly been sewing away on petticoat bodies from caramel colored wool. Linen/cotton canvas interlining, linen/cotton lining. Sewn with the broken backstitch, running stitch and whip stitch in linen thread. The project has sat in the time out corner a few times. First, when I trimmed the neckline corner down… Read more »

Juan de Alcega Tailor’s Pattern Book: Manteo or a Skirt of Cloth Part 2 – Construction

After way too long here is part two of the manteo or petticoat (part 1 written in 2014 can be found here), to recap here is the layout suggestion I ended up using from Alecga. Since my fabric is 60 inches wide I did not need to piece the “B” section and was able to cut it… Read more »

Working on another Ruff!

I had two or three days with my internet not working or being on again, off again. So I started another hand sewn ruff (I may have a problem). I just finished putting the neckband on and this time I made sure to sew down every tiny pleat that I could on both sides. I… Read more »