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Hand Sewn Petticoat Bodies/Bodice Work in Progress

I forgot to post these, I’ve slowly been sewing away on petticoat bodies from caramel colored wool. Linen/cotton canvas interlining, linen/cotton lining. Sewn with the broken backstitch, running stitch and whip stitch in linen thread. The project has sat in the time out corner a few times. First, when I trimmed the neckline corner down… Read more »

Part 5 of the Elizabethan Kirtle Sew-Along Renaissance

Four videos today, this weekend I’m going to shoot some more. Pressing and prep for the sleeve seam allowances   Pressing the seam allowance with a seam roll when the sleeve is too narrow for the board. Sewing in the lining at the top of the sleeve. Hand sewing the bottom of the sleeve shut…. Read more »