16th Century Elizabethan Working Woman’s Outfit

This is a full 16th century Elizabethan outfit I made for my friend S. It was a labor of love, wool and fingerloop braiding. The kirtle laces up the front so S. can get into it by herself. I have yet to find any examples of front lacing kirtles worn with fitted gowns.

The first layer is a linen/cotton blend shirt (the collar has since been cut down to a narrower width) with a raspberry wool underskirt that has a hidden pocket.

Next is a forest green wool kirtle with tied on sleeves, hidden pockets and a sage green linen apron

Over that is a worsted wool olive fitted gown lined with a linen/rayon blend. The wool purse was made from scraps of my red kirtle and is hand sewn, with little hand-made tassels.

Not pictured is a hand sewn linen coif with insertion work.

linen cotton blend shirt and cranberry wool petticoat

Spiral laced green wool kirtle with linen apron

olive wool fitted english gown

Olive Wool Fitted Gown Back View

Works that inspired it

Lucas DeHeere sketchbook #71 English women
Lucas DeHeere sketchbook #71 English women
English Marketwoman Deheere
English Marketwoman – Deheere

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