Hand Sewn Red Wool Kirtle

A hand sewn red wool kirtle with wool half sleeves, pinned on with hand made pin’s (jewelry findings I hit with a hammer..) and hand sewn linen apron. Hand bound eyelets, fingerlooped lacing, worn over my hand sewn linen/cotton shirt.

Bodice pattern is based on Mathew Gnagy’s draft instructions with 1/2 an inch ease added (which alas was a bit too much), skirt from Alcega’s cloth of rash layout.

red wool hand sewn kirtle side front

 red wool hand sewn kirtle back

red wool hand sewn kirtle pin

red wool hand sewn kirtle skirt gore

Sewing the skirt with a spaced back stitch

Patterning the red wool kirtle



Sewing down seam allowances with the herringbone stitch.

Sewing the bodice with the back stitch

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