Pink Silk Kirtle

Pink Silk Kirtle

This kirtle started from three yards and a smidge more of pink silk dupioni (gotten on major mark down, 4 bucks a yard) with very little slubs. I used the same pattern as my green/brown wool kirtle with a few changes in the layout due to the narrower fabric width.

The skirt is unlined and finished with reinforced french seams, the side openings and hem are bound with straight on the grain strips. The bodice is made up of a layer of muslin, a layer of cotton twill and another layer of muslin for lining. The bodice laces on the sides through hand worked eyelets and for now the sleeves pin in place. Later on I may add lacing rings.

 Over all this was an experiment on how light weight I could make something for the summer months and still have it work.

Pink Silk Kirtle Front

Pink Silk Kirtle Side

Pink Silk Kirtle Back

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