Draft your own Doublet Skirting

If you have lost your doublet skirting pattern, the pattern doesn’t look right, or it was eaten by the cat here is a pain free way to make a new one.


Trace Doublet Waistline
One scrap paper or calico trace the doublet waist line at the stitching line. Which means if you have a 5/8 inch seam allowance go up 5/8 of an inch from the bottom of the pattern to find your stitch line.


Doublet Waist Line
So you are left with this.


Flip Over and Turn Upside Down
Flip the paper over and upside down. Draw a line from the side seam and front doublet point flaring out slightly for 2 inches. (Or more depending on how wide you want the skirting.) Connect these two points with a curve. Add seam allowances. Done!

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