More Maleficent/Nerissa pondering

Corset: Right now I am thinking pleather, if it can be found, or a cotton velvet. I like the look of external boning cases and have read the entry in corsetmakers about them.
The outer fashion fabric casings I’ve seen are cut on the bias, however one thing that isn’t clear is if the strength layer of the casing is as well?
Can anyone shed a tiny bit of light on this?
Skirt: Petticoat made of nylon netting sandwiched between 2 layers of lining fabric. Over that various layers of sheer fabric in blacks, mauves, purples and so forth. In between some of those layers the softer tulle just for poof and texture.
Debating if I should make the skirts as 2 different ones, or have it all attach at one point to a yoke to reduce bulk under the corset.

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