Yay the storm has turned, no rain here oddly enough as the radar says we should have rain but ah well.  Headaches from the constant change in pressure as not so fun, and impend my ability to do basic math. Such as how wide and how many layers should I make a pleat when trying to pleat down 7 yards of tulle into 26 inches?  (I most likely will be sensible later one when my head has stopped trying to kill me and just do several layers of tulle at 3 yards each…)

Early BBC monster…

I got part of the petticoat cut out for the Evil Disney Queen dress. I going to have to sit down and figure out how to cut out the lining layer for it, as I have random lengths of fabric left and it is going to take some tweaking.

Almost done hand sewing my doublet, I think it needs to be let out a bit more, but won’t know for sure until I have the hooks and eyes on. Trim wise after being on the fence about the gold lace, and then liking it. I realized that it was just a bit too wide to look proportionate on me. So the hunt for trim starts again. I saw some perfect trim at Joann’s but I didn’t check how wide it was and at 8 or 9 bucks a yard it was put back as I need 10+ yards. Oddly enough they had the same trim just a bit narrower for only 4.99 a yard. Bah.

Trim hunting thus far, as a reminder to myself.

Gold star shaped trim with pearls, 1 inch wide

light gold 3/4 wide

light gold 1 inch wide

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