Semi busy day

Petticoat is together yay, that was a huge pain, as I decided to put a zipper in it and have the zipper between the outer layer and inner yoke and between the lining, all with the tulle getting partly in the way.  It just needs a waistband and the hem evened and then the hem, hemmed.. not sure how I want to hem it yet. I don’t think I’m going to put a waistband on it until I get the sheer layers on it, I think I’ll have them attached to the petticoat just to make it less layers to mess with.

Got a corset pattern partly scaled up, it came out smaller then I expected so I have lots of messing with it to do, but at least I have a base for it now.

Velvet skirt needs to be sewn but holding off on that until I decide how I want to sew it, leaning towards cutting down the seam allowances and doing a narrow zig zag stitch as a way to seam it and take care of the edges in one pass without messing with the drape of it.  I wish I had a serger it would make this so much easier.

Need to test the fusible on a scap of velvet to see how much it will change the hand of it, if it doesn’t work out well then I’ll flat line it with some cotton.

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