More progress list

waistband made
Need to lightly overdye the sheer skirt layers to get it to blend a bit more;
Then pleat down the skirt and attach it to the petticoat and attach the waistband.
Corset mock up, adjusted
Need to press seams and put in some temp bones and then check fit again.
and mark where the straps will go.
Prep the strength layer, put in the boning and then baste outerlayer to it.
Mark out straps
Sew Overskirt together
trim down seam allowances and zig zag them.
Fuse upper part and face with some lining fabric
make waistband
 even hem
Finish zig zaging the raw edge
add hook and eye
Headdress, collar so on and so forth
Pick up the mulling fabric and cover.
Slash and spread collar pattern, wire and shape, mull so on and so forth.

draft sleeve pattern and figure out attachment.

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