Oh look *another* shiny new hobby

I’m still here, I’ve just been on vacation!

I went on a fabric shop hop with my SO’s mum, she quilts and after looking at so many cotton prints I think I am starting to get the quilting bug as well.

But, it being me I don’t want to do something simple and easy. The idea of “my first quilt” is not appealing for me.

So I have been pondering two projects, one slightly easier than the other, but both being more than just basic squares.

The Lady of Shalott by Waterhouse

I have loved this painting forever, but somehow missed what she was sitting on.
The quilt would be fun to make, I could use images from various book of hours for each section and get as detailed as I could want.

The slightly more crazy project is this:

Prinzessin Hyazinthe 1911 by Alfons Mucha

I would simplify a few things, but yay detail and texture!

The draw back of both of these is of course, I have a ton of pattern making ahead of me.

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