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A Brown Wool Kirtle: Then End of the Story and Photos

Brown/Green Wool Kirtle

I finally finished the Brown Green wool kirtle. I had left off the last posts talking about sleeves and eyelets but once I got into the swing of things I got them done without taking any photos.

Bad me.

I was to the point of hemming the skirts, so I marked the hem and then carefully trimmed it even and overlocked the edge to keep it from fraying.

Then I put the kirtle on… and I hated it.

The bodice point came down far too long and didn’t curve in enough along the waist before hand. I looked for lack of better words, stumpy. I was not happy, I was so not happy I set the whole project aside for a month. I knew how to fix it, but taking apart an almost finished project goes against my grain. What if I messed it up?

After it sat for a month in time out, I got annoyed one night and decided that was it. I was going to fix it and if I messed up well then I’d have a brown/green petticoat. So I unpicked the front of the skirt and trimmed down the bodice point by two inches.
That fixed it, even if it turned my nerves into noodles.

Then it was just binding the hem and it was done.

Green/Brown wool Kirtle



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  1. Yery nice blog and i am really happy to finally see a blog full of renaissance and tudor gowns. i am also really into this fashion.

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