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Sewing Projects on my Plate

I’ve been sick the past week with one of those hit you in the face colds, I haven’t been able to sew or do much else. It is finally clearing up and I can sit at the computer without a sinus headache starting every ten minutes.


Stuff on my summer sewing list:

Final bits of Steph’s test kirtle, and send it off.
Draft out hard copy of her skirt pattern so I’m not redrawing it every time on the fabric.
Cut and sew her wool petticoat.
Green wool kirtle for her eventually.
Olive drab over gown for her eventually.


Things I want to make for me

Black Velvet Tudor hood from the Queen’s Servants  – I roughly scaled it up, made a mock-up and it is huge on me.. need to do lots of tweaking.
Finish my herringbone wool kirtle, I’m up to the eyelets which are taking forever.
English Fitted Gown out of black wool.
Another kirtle with a video on how I make them
Everything I know about sleeve tutorial
Another Tudor Gown.. I have 8 yards of navy wool, but the question is do I want to line all of it or just the bodice and sleeve area?


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