2 thoughts on “A little bit of progress on my black wool kirtle

  1. Hi McGee thank you for the kind words! It is never too late to start sewing, and it sounds like you did a great job by diving right in with that Simplicity pattern. There are lots of regency patterns available, and if you are feeling very adventurous I suggest checking out http://www.amazon.com/Patterns-Fashion-Englishwomens-Construction-1660-1860/dp/089676026X which has scaled patterns taken from museum garments. Even if your sewing skills are not up to it yet, it is a wonderful reference to have.

    One day I shall make a frothy white Victorian gown and wander by the seaside with the seagulls in it. (Because that just seems to be the thing to do in that type of gown.) I’ll take the Dickinson resemblance as a compliment! That is one I hadn’t heard yet. =)

  2. First off, just found your blog. I’m amazed. You are awesome! I have always loved historical costumes, but I JUST got my first sewing machine (I’m 33…so…yea…I’m late to sewing). I am just starting to really get into sewing by doing my first pattern (Simplicity 3723, turning it into a witch’s costume with some clever alterations and such). Thanks so much for helping me figure stuff out with the patterns and all. Eventually, I’d love to have a collection of costumes since I’m such a fan of fashion history (particularly Regency and Edwardian attire).

    Also, please don’t take this the wrong way, but you definitely need to do a white, Victorian gown of some sort since you do resemble my favorite American poetess: Emily Dickinson. That’s a HUGE compliment. Trust me!

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