A Red Wool Kirtle

Red Wool Kirtle Front ShotNot much to say about this kirtle, it is a the same pattern as my green/brown one. It is completely hand sewn, save for a little bit of machine sewing on the interlining. Hand sewn eyelets in silk, finger looped lacing cord. This is my first kirtle that laces up the back, I can get into it by myself but it takes a great deal of twisting around. But I love the unbroken line it gives and it meant a few less eyelets, than if I made it side lacing.

The sleeves tie on to the shoulder straps just in one spot. the fold back “cuff” is just the sleeve turned back to show the lining. I am not too happy with these sleeves, the cap needs to come up higher and they need to lace on at the front and back, not just the middle.

I didn’t really keep a dress diary of this one, it was a stress relief project that got worked on during my grandfather’s stay in the hospital and subsequent 3 month recovery from a broken neck.


Red Wool Kirtle BackKirtle Test Fit

Kirtle test fit with the sleeves sewn in, you can see the sleeve cap is pulling the strap down .


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