Pink Working Class Kirtle

Detail of The Kitchen by Vicenzo Campi
Detail of The Kitchen by Vicenzo Campi

Pink Kirtle

A pink working class kirtle, loosely inspired by Italian paintings. This was hanging in my closet worn only once, it was an early project and didn’t fit right so I picked it apart and fixed it.

The fabric is a cotton/rayon or linen/rayon blend, with side lacing through hand sewn eyelets. The bodice is unboned but stiffened with a light layer of twill and canvas, and the sleeves pin on with everyday sewing pins.

I’m wearing a basic coif and light wrap of yellow wool with it, but the kirtle is so plain it is wearable for various social classes with a simple addition of an over gown and different accessories.

Pink Working Class Kirtle Front

Pink Working Class Kirtle Side

Pink Working Class Kirtle Back

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