Pictures, as requested…


This is just the velvet layer of the corset sewn together and pinned to the too small for it form.
I’m working on the “work” layer now. So many boning cases to make…


Back drape which I need to steam to get the wrinkles out of, kinda like the texture from them.


Hem finish I used on the dags of the skirt is just a tight zig-zag, and worked out well once I got the metallic thread to stop breaking, why do I keep using it.. oh yeah it is pretty..

3 thoughts on “Pictures, as requested…

  1. Oh wow, that’s gorgeous! I love the colors and textures.

    I’m with you on the metallic thread. Very lovely but such a pain!

    I’m thinking about zigzagging the edges of my silk velvet sleeves on my Arwen Blood Red gown. I always thought about lining them, but I just don’t think they’d hang quite the same if I did. I’ve left the edges unfinished as of now, but I’m wanting to wash it and I need to finish them somehow before doing so.

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