16th Century, Costumes, Green "Tudor" Gown

In the past 2 weeks..

In the past 2 weeks I have sew/reconstructed/finished the following:


One cotton/linen shift, machine sewn, seams whip stitched down by hand, hand made eyelets and hand finger looped lacing cords.

Took in my farthingale and reboned it with steel wire.

Made a coif with pleated “crispin”.

Patterned and made the Green Tudor stomacher/plackard.

Patterned GT undersleeves and bound them with satin.

Made all the poofs and hand hemmed the cuffs.

Reattached the GT skirt again…

Bound the GT hem in hunter green satin.

Made the sash for the GT.

Attached the large sleeves of doom to the GT.

My deadline is March 10th so I can wear it to the Ren Faire.


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