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Margaret Layton’s Jacket Finished, with far less bling.

I finally finished off the jacket project I started a few months ago. Well, I guess I really started it when I made the scaling up patterns video. I didn’t make any huge changes to the pattern I scaled up, the measurements were close to mine and I wanted to see what I would end up with. I had this green wool in my stash for a few years now and I knew that was what it wanted to be. It then fought me every step of the way. This was going to be a nice soothing hand sewing project that I could take my time on and enjoy. That lasted for a few weeks until I realized I needed to unpick both sleeves and sleeve lining. I decided it could either sit in the corner until it behaved or I could switch to the sewing machine and get it done.

Done is good, done is a wonderful thing.


green wool elizabethan jacket front shot


So this is partly hand sewn, partly machine sewn with some hand finishing. In hindsight I should have done one more mock-up of the pattern to get everything super perfect but its a jacket and it works as a jacket.
The only changes I did to the pattern was to accommodate my ski slope shoulders and take the back seams in, and then take the back seams in even more, and raise the neckline to not quite doublet height.

Looking at it now I should let the back seams out a wee bit, I don’t have hooks and eyes in yet so there is some puckering where I pinned it shut. The only other change I might do is bring the armscye forward a little bit more.

The extra poof at the back of the sleeve lets me reach forward and up and back with no horrible pulling.

green wool elizabethan jacket side shot

green wool elizabethan jacket back shot


3 thoughts on “Margaret Layton’s Jacket Finished, with far less bling.

  1. Great outfit. Keep up the great work! Using your page for reference my Pintrest, 16th Cen. Life: Sir. Capt. William Burroughs.

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