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How to Make a Velcro Corset Busk for Fittings and Mock-ups

Trying to fit a corset mock-up on your own body, by yourself, calls for patience and flexibility. I wanted something I could sew on quickly so I could check the general fit of a corset, without having to worry about busk length, zippers, or safety pins.

The Velcro Corset Busk



  • 2 lengths of flat steel boning
  • 2 sturdy strips of fabric, wide enough to fold in half. this will make your boning channels.
  • Velcro, either the sew on kind or the industrial strength adhesive kind
  • Sewing machine, pencil, scissors

Twill strips to make the busk

Cut 2 strips of fabric (I’m using cotton twill) and fold in half.

Mark Boning Width

Mark the width of the boning along the folds.

Measure the Velcro

Measure and mark your velcro strips.

Velcro strips cut out

I’m using one strip of sew-in velcro and one strip of the adhesive
because that is what I have on hand.

Pin the velcro in place

Unfold the twill strip and pin the velcro in place.

Sew in the strip

Sew the velcro to each twill strip.
If you are using the adhesive kind sew your boning channels first, insert boning, finished the ends, and then stick on the velcro.

Boning channel fit test

Fold the strip back over and sew the boning channel. (I forgot to get a photo of this step.)
Make sure the boning fits!

Mark the boning ends

Mark the boning ends, make it snug so the boning can’t move around.

Sew the ends

And sew close to the boning on each end.

Finished velcro busk

And done! I overlocked the edges to keep it from fraying.
The sew in velcro doesn’t look pretty, but it works.

Closed along the boning edge

Closed just along the boning edge 1/2 inch overlap.

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