The Week in Review

The Week in Review – May 5th 2017


The black silk taffeta kirtle is coming along, I pad-stitched the bodice fronts and got the bodice lining cut out and I have a black linen blend for the skirt. I usually don’t line the skirts, but the taffeta is lightweight, so the lining will give it a nice drape.

Black taffeta basted in place canvas padstitched


I’m dusting off old 3-d modeling skills with the goal of 3-d printing some 16th century styled buttons.

Image from:

This series is a good refresher of the basics:

 I’m also revisiting bobbin lace, I can do a very basic plait correctly! At least most of the time.

I also forgot to take a photo that should go here. Opps!

This is the site I return to time and time again to double check myself: and earlier this week a lovely example of reproductions from Le Pomp was posted at

This really helped me get an idea of how the stitches should look.


I’m taking a break from my Spanish inventory translations, I’m sending a bit too much time on the computer and my wrist does not like it.

But my favorite find so far is this skirt:

una basquina de tela de plata blanca la delantera bordada de unas alcachofas de oro con una guarniçion toda a la redonda sobre terçiopelo bordado de oro y plata;

(my rough translation)

A skirt of white cloth of silver, the forepart embroidered with artichokes of gold with one guard about the hem of velvet embroidered with gold and silver.


2 thoughts on “The Week in Review – May 5th 2017

  1. Ellie I’m very glad you found the bobbin lace links useful! This link came up on one of the bobbin lace facebook groups, dotted grid paper which looks really useful for charting out your own patterns or transferring scaled ones.

    And thank you for taking the time to comment, sometimes it feels like I’m just shouting out into the void.

  2. Thank you for those bobbin lace links! It’s been YEARS since I’ve made any lace but I’ve been feeling the urge lately, and entirely lacking in patterns, or money to buy them. I will definitely be trying that out. 🙂

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