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Week in Review: Worked on the Taffeta Kirtle – Organize Costume Projects and Silk

Let’s just get this out of the way first, silk damask photos:

Brown and Gold Silk Damask

Red silk damask









These will be turned into sleeves, purses, and pouches for the Etsy shop.


Red and Gold Damask Pouch with Gold Silk Tassels

This is prototype pouch version one, it is lined in silk taffeta and decorated with handmade silk tassels. I’m still deciding what the purse strings should be made from.

I worked on the black silk taffeta kirtle this week. The skirt and the skirt lining are cut out, and I’ve started hand sewing the taffeta side together with Seta Reale Coats thread.

Tonight I hope to get the back of the skirt together and then I’ll decide if I want to hand sew or machine sew the linen blend lining. I know I’ll have to do some edge finishing on the linen to keep it from fraying.

I’ll take a photo of the skirt when it is together, right now it would just be a pile of black on black fabric.

I’ve also started to organize my current projects using Todoist. I’m using the free version to make lists (and in some cases sublists) of all the steps for each project.

Todoist for Costume Organization

Green means an active project and grey means the project is still in planning stages. I may add more colors as I go along, like Red for “You are so sitting in time out” for when projects do not behave.

Does anyone else use apps like Todoist or perhaps something better for large projects sewing projects?

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