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Hand Sewn Red Linen Hose

Queen Mary Psalter (British Library Royal 2 B VII, fol. 72v), c. 1310-1320

This week I unearthed some unfinished projects while “Cleaning” aka where did I put my photo box? How could it have vanished? I’ve looked in that box three times now and I’m running out of places it could be.

That is the problem when I clean, I put things in a safe place and never find them again.

But, nestled happily in a plastic bag was a half finished pair of linen/rayon hose in screaming red. I think I started these two years ago when I wanted a small project I could work on while watching Netflix. I know I draped a pattern for hose at least 4 years before out of some thin cotton but never got around to the actual making till now.

Socks have never been high on my priorities list, most of the time I wear O Rayons from Sock Dreams under my skirts.

My memory is a little fuzzy but I think I draped my original pattern from this tutorial: http://www.faucet.net/costume/research/hose.html

Bright Red Hand Sewn 16th Century Linen Stocking Bright Red Hand Sewn 16th Century Linen Stocking Close up of Gusset









I sewed the right foot up with dark red Londonderry linen thread using the backstitch. Then referencing Patterns of Fashion 4 I trimmed down the seam allowances along the foot, sewed down the seam allowance along the gusset with the running stitch and whip stitched over the top of the gusset point to reinforce that area.

The fit is good if a little loose. By the way that’s my sleeve form and some quilt batting, not my leg.

I still need to sew up the left foot and may make some adjustments to my pattern.


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