Part 4 of the Elizabethan Kirtle Sew-Along Renaissance


Marking the eyelets out for spiral lacing

Cutting out the sleeves (the wool is from my stash and the wrinkles would not steam out)

First pass of sewing the sleeves together.


Part 3 of the Elizabethan Kirtle Sew-Along Renaissance


Sewing in the lining around the top edge

Clipping into corners and trimming

Edge stitching the seam allowance to the lining along the top

Part 2 of the Elizabethan Kirtle Sew-Along Renaissance

Pleating the skirt down with knife pleats and a box pleat in the back


Basting the pleats in place

Ironing the pleats down to keep things from moving around when I sew the skirt to the bodice

An Elizabethan Kirtle Sew-Along Renaissance

Lucas DeHeere sketchbook #71 English women

“Yeah, we look Awesome and Swag!”

It has been 3 or 4 (mumble) years since I was going to do the kirtle sew-along. Life, family medical issues and changes got in the way.  My skill set has improved, how I break down projects has improved, but that does not mean I’m not still learning.

So I set up the video camera, I balanced my tripod on the printer that-may-work-but-I-really-just-use-it-as-a-scanner, shoved my social anxiety into a box and hit record.

I’m making kirtles. I’m making several kirtles that I plan to donate to Much Ado about Sebastopol. I don’t think I will get them all done in time for this years run, but there is always next year. If they get used, or auctioned off in a fundraiser, or end up in a school theater closet that is fine.

I have several yards of wool, pattern blocks, and a chunk of time to make something out of it all.

The playlist:

The first three videos:




A Cunning Plan for a Posh Gown

This shall be here in a few weeks.



Fabric swatch I keep messing with, because I am easy to amuse.

Seriously thinking of making a dress out of this because it is so neat.

A Happy Princess Bride Customer

D-PB1-2015 D-PB2-2015 D-PB3-2015


“I wanted to send a couple pics from the con….we were a HUGE hit!  We got so many compliments on our costumes and we had a lot of fun!!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Worn at Wizard World Comic Con.

Red Riding Gown Finished



PB finished dress PB belt with pearl drops close up PB belt with pearl drops Lacing tip end back and hand sewn eyelets Lacing tip end sleeves


Seven yards of crimson linen, 32 eyelets hand sewn with red buttonhole silk, and lots of sparkly bits. commissions

Red Riding Gown Update

PB-sleeve PB-pleatedcuffs PB-fulldress PB-backpleats

McCalls 1907 Pattern Catalogue for Spring and Summer Pages 30-48!

The last of the pages are up!