Finishing up the Petticoat Bodies


The holidays are over, I’ve eaten my own weight in cookies and it is time to finish up the petticoat bodies.

Last time I posted I had finished the bodice and put the lining in. Over the holidays that I cut out the skirt, hand sewed it together, and bound the hem.

Red Wool

My camera did not like this shade of red most of the time.

Still not the correct shade of red.

The skirt only took 2 yards and 7 inches of fabric and I was able to use the off cuts and scraps for hem binding.

Scraps for binding

My handful of scraps before making the binding.

Running stitched seam in linen thread on red wool

I used the running stitch for skirt construction with the occasional backstitching where gores met for extra strength. The fabric is a light weight flannel and doesn’t fray so I don’t need to worry about finishing the edges.

Clapping the seams!


Whipstitched side

I left the skirt side seams open at the top so I’d have access to pockets. To finish the edge I just whip stitched the fabric down.

How it currently looks with at least one sleeve pinned on and the basting threads still in.

Up next, trouble shooting the armscye problem area! My experiment in using wool binding has made that area stiff + the seam allowances from where I pieced the strap. Pinning the sleeve on also caused some pulling. I may need to adjust the angle of the strap by unpicking the binding and adjusting where the strap and bodice meet. What do you guys think?

Hand Sewn Petticoat Bodies/Bodice Work in Progress


I forgot to post these, I’ve slowly been sewing away on petticoat bodies from caramel colored wool. Linen/cotton canvas interlining, linen/cotton lining. Sewn with the broken backstitch, running stitch and whip stitch in linen thread. The project has sat in the time out corner a few times.

First, when I trimmed the neckline corner down a tiny bit too far, I ended up darning it as a fix and reinforcing the area. Second I tried it on and it was too tight! Bah, I need to adjust my bodice block. Thankfully I had an extra large seam allowance in the back so I was able to let it out, but once I did that the back neckline started to have issues. After lots of basting, pressing, and re-basting I sewed up another 1/4 an inch and that seemed to fix it.

The lining is in, the armscyes bound, so it just needs eyelets and a tiny bit of clean up, oh and the petticoat. I have 5 yards of red wool (lucky e-bay find) which should be enough for a new kirtle *and* the petticoat if I am careful with my cutting.


petticoatbodiescut petticoatbodiceshoulderstrap petticoatbodiceshellside petticoatbodiceshell padstitchedinnerpb