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A Pair of Bodies: Finished

Pair of bodies from the side.

Another project off my list. I worked on this off and on for several months. A majority of the construction was done over the course of a week. The actual finishing like the eyelets and binding and the busk took far longer then sewing the boning channels.

Two layers of cotton duck with the outer layer of red cotton sateen (standing in for silk, ask my cat about it). Hand sewn with black silk thread. Self made bias tape, and hand sewn eyelets with matching cotton floss.
The pattern is my usual bodice block. It is boned with cable ties, the boning diagram is rough nod to Pfaltzgrafin Dorothea Sabine von Neuberg’s corset.

Pair of Bodies with busk

Pair of bodies insides

Pair of bodies from the side.

Pair of bodies back eyelets.

A Pair of Bodies (Corset)

3 thoughts on “A Pair of Bodies: Finished

  1. Hi Gabrielle, I used my personal bodice block as a pattern for this corset, You can see the basic shape of things in this photo, but I think you can get something similar with the corset generator but it will take a few mock-ups. You want your straps to start Where your arm meets the body, draw a line up from that point, (however long you want as it can be adjusted later) that will form the outside edge of the strap, from that line go in about an inch to an inch and a half and draw parallel line letting it hit right against the top front neckline, do the same for the back. However you want to keep the back cut high with short straps in possible. If you cut the corset very low in the back you can have an issues with the straps falling off your shoulders, which gets annoying fast.

    Cut out the mock up and try it on, pinning the straps together. If you have a friend who can help have them pin shut the back of the corset and adjust the shoulder straps for you. If you have sloping shoulders like I do you will end up with the top of the straps needing to be at an angle. Pin and if needed dart out any extra fabric in the straps until it hugs along your shoulder and stays in place. Make sure the corset is comfortable at the armhole, clip into the mock up at 1/4 intervals until it lays smooth under the arm.

    Take off the mock-up and transfer the changes from the mock up to the pattern, add your seam allowances as needed. If you darted out any fabric in the strap don’t transfer the dart itself just trace the new curve of the strap.

    I hope that all made sense, let me know if anything is unclear or if you run into any problems.

  2. Hello! I am trying to reproduce this exact corset using Corset generator but I can’t figured out how to add the straps so it fits nicely to the body. Do you have any suggestion? which pattern did you used exactly?

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