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Brian Froud’s Costume Sketches from Labyrinth

Labyrinth Woman Ballroom Costume Design I
Brian Froud -Woman Ballroom Costume Design I Labyrinth, 1984 Graphite, ink 16 x 20″

I ran across this a few weeks ago, a gallery in NYC is showing the Froud’s work. Including sketches from The Good and Bad Fairy Book, Dark Crystal, a few things I don’t recognize and of course Labyrinth.

I am not located in NYC, nor am I heading up there any time soon.  So I’m quite happy to see the collection is online and even better the costume designs for the ballroom dancers are included, along with Jareth’s armor/coat, goblins, and other assorted puppets.

This will making coming up with my own inspired version easier. Time to break out my pencils and water-color.


Labyrinth  Copyright © The Jim Henson Company

4 thoughts on “Brian Froud’s Costume Sketches from Labyrinth

  1. Hi Eowyn,

    Jareth has a very New Romantic 1980’s look mixed with Regency Dandy.

    His coat in the ball room scene is cut along the lines of a Regency Frock Coat, which unfortunately has not yet come back into fashion. For poet blouses I would start by hitting ebay or etsy and see the different styles and variations that come up. What do you think will fit and flatter you the best? Make a list of the details you like and try to find one that has most of them.

    Here is a great photo of one of the coats from the move, you can see the cut, details and distressing that went on.

    For replica work or something close, it will need to be custom made. Which is expensive but worth it if that is the look you are going for. I can’t think of many ready to wear brands that has a Labyrinth feel. does a little bit. I do not know if they are still in business.

    I hope this helps!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Labyrinth and would definitely wear clothing from the set on a daily basis.
    Where can I go about finding vests, leather jacket work and poet shirts such as the Goblin King’s with the same calibre of workmanship?
    I once found a shop in Rome where a woman had taken a leather jacket, and had made it Bowie worthy.
    It was understandably expensive, but aside for my lack of funds, the jacket was a size petite, which I am not.
    I have been obsessed ever since!
    Could you post up if you find any leads?
    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Oh WOW!! Well done and thanks on finding that.

    I absolutely LOVE Labyrinth and all the hidden story in it and the costumes are fabulous! What other film has amazing costumes for a male lead???

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