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Petticoat Bodies Done!

I’ve had the petticoat bodies done for a few weeks now and completely forgot to post the finished photos here.


In my defense I haven’t been able to get photos of me in them yet, part of me wants to go out and rent a chicken (can one rent a sweet-tempered chicken for photos?) and get a semi-period looking backdrop going on, but right now that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.

Where we last left off I had things to fix in the bodice, and after pinning sections, unpinning them, and squinting in the mirror I realized the shoulder straps had stretched out despite my efforts at steaming the bias stretch out of them. I took them up at the back shoulder seam and everything fell into place.

Petticoat bodies and green apron Petticoat bodies front with no apron close up Petticoat bodies front with no apron full shot Petticoat bodies front with apron full shot Petticoat bodies back

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