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Wills and a Possible Linen Kirtle

Last Friday and over the weekend I put together a list of 16th century English wills that are available through google books. Some highlights include the Sandwich Book of Orphans which gets into orphans their wardship or guardians and the cost of their upkeep. Most interesting is the record of Tomasine Wolters, it covers the… Read more »

A 14th Century Kirtle or a Fantasy Gown Depending on the Accessories…

I have a friend who lives in the wilds of Oklahoma, her local medieval fair runs for only three days. She has needed a costume to attend just for fun but being a fellow history nerd wanted something that would work. Her fair set in 1360, it has a different flavor than my local fair that… Read more »

Making a 16th-Century Leather Jerkin: Further Research into Spain

The majority of the inventory excerpts are transcripts from however, the translations and missteps are my own. I’ve found a handful of cueras mentioned in inventory lists. Some are made of leather, others of fabric, they are cut, trimmed and in one instance lined in velvet. This is by no means exhaustive and in some entries, I’ve… Read more »

Juan de Alcega Tailor’s Pattern Book: Manteo or a skirt of cloth

Manteo de pano para muger

I’m in need of a new underskirt or petticoat for my 16th century clothing. I’ve been using the same cotton broadcloth one I made back in 2005, for years now. It is serviceable, but it adds a lot of bulk at the waist and it isn’t very authentic in construction or materials. So it is… Read more »

16th Century Spanish Clothing

I’ve started a small collection of images from Civitates Orbis Terrarum from the Historic Cities website. More to come when I have time to comb through all the different versions and crop and adjust the files.   More from Civitates Orbis Terrarum: 1572

And More Interesting Costume and History Articles

Elizabethan Wills and Inventories on Google Books

I’ve added these to my “things to read” list.      

Interesting Costume Related Articles

Elizabethan Wills and Inventories on Google Books

A round-up of some interesting costume/textile articles and theses I’ve come across the past week. Of Crymsen Tissue: The Construction of a Queen. Identity, Legitimacy and the Wardrobe of Mary Tudor The Cheapside Horde English Embroidery of the Late Tudor and Stuart Eras ‘The inordinate excess in apparel’: Sumptuary Legislation in Tudor England Texts and Textiles:… Read more »